We decode the social effects of media to put their power to good use.


What if media were optimized to grow the public good?

Nowadays the challenges we face as a society related to media systems are numerous and complex. Business models that favor engagement over accuracy, for instance, partisan polarization, and information wars fought with manipulated media. These challenges are merely the first signals of more profound quandaries, such as how to distinguish true and fake in a world of AI-based video impersonation? Getting ahead of questions like these entails more work than any one institution can undertake alone. That's where Harmony Labs comes in.


Harmony Labs is a learning machine that spans sectors, disciplines and institutions. 


Our mission is to understand media influence at scale, and to experiment with using media to support an open, resilient democratic society. Through the sharing of data, knowledge and other resources, we're enabling networks of researchers, practitioners and partners to rapidly generate and refine hypotheses about how media and society interact, to align around ideal outcomes, and to test outcomes-optimized interventions.

Harmony Labs has evolved from nearly a decade of research and prototyping, in partnership with and/or funded by leading players like Ford Foundation, Google, MTV, and others. 



Researchers & Practitioners

Leading academics and media practitioners generating basic knowledge, supported by in-house data science, engineering, strategy, and communications teams

Data Resources & Platform

Proprietary and hard-to-get data sets, data infrastructure, processing power, and ongoing technical support, along with a growing library of analytic tools and predictive models

Accelerator & Partners

Program for industry partners to engage researchers and practitioners, plus a media tech accelerator, ensure high-value data supply and tools on the edge of technical possibility

Industry Talent, Charitable Purpose

Lean, low-overhead 501(c)3 can collaborate, partner, and share data across sectors, with in-house media tech talent to address industry’s security and business value needs

Holistic, Impartial, Independent

Seeking to understand the whole media landscape, from news to entertainment, independent of brand, business, political, or other institutional considerations  

Rigorous Methods, Bias for Action

Basic knowledge in service of solutions that work for our partners and the public, with a strong record of innovation and transparent data practices 



Many thanks to the institutions whose financial support keeps us going.