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Harmony Labs

Kate Gouin

Chief of Staff

Kate brings more than 10 years of experience nurturing productive and positive work environments across a variety of industries. She began her career working in hospitality where she first applied a human-centered approach to managing teams and learned the importance of anticipating the needs of those you serve; spent eight years working in the NYC Mayor’s Office as a Chief of Staff; and most recently supported a philanthropic studio as Deputy Director for Program Management. Her career has focused on optimizing teams, ensuring effective and strategic deployment of resources, streamlining and managing day-to-day operations, and facilitating the highest level of performance and accountability across dynamic, multi-disciplinary teams. As lover of food, Kate is a gastronome holding a Master of Liberal Arts in Gastronomy, and a Certificate in the Culinary Arts, both from Boston University. Her passion for food, much like her philosophy of life, lies in all it can do to connect, nurture, and grow a community.

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