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Our Story

More than a decade in, after our founding by John S. Johnson in 2008, this original vision remains.

At the core of everything we do is an imperative to serve the public good. We’re committed to research that is rigorous, participatory, and public. We work with a wide range of partners on issues of existential importance, like climate, denuclearization, racial justice, gun safety, artificial intelligence, and more. Learn more about our approach.

Also core to our work are data. We’ve built an unrivaled data platform, called the Narrative Observatory, through data philanthropy with companies like Nielsen, Comscore, and Peakmetrics, academic research relationships, and our own in-house data science and engineering teams. With its principled, transparent data practices, the Narrative Observatory allows us to study the actual media behaviors of real people and true audiences, without relying on survey data.

Many communities benefit from our data platform, the tools we build on top of it, and our research outputs. There are the cultural strategists and creative practitioners, advocates, artists, media brands, and institutional funders we work with to convert insights about audience, narratives and networks, content and media cultures, into compelling storytelling and cultural change. And there are the academics whose new discoveries our data powers. Learn more about our work.

Our partners and funders include Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Google, Amazon, and others. With their valuable support and our growing network of collaborators, we’re investing in exploration, invention, and creativity to keep ahead of rapid developments in media and continue to make research that is widely circulated, impactful and a thing of beauty.

Harmony Labs is a 501(c)3 incorporated in New York State.

Our Values

  • Independence and insightfulness over ideology, seeking to see things as they are, with clarity and compassion, in support of team human
  • Research design and data practices that are rigorous, disciplined, participatory, transparent, equitable, and outcomes-oriented
  • A supportive, inclusive culture for collaboration that is driven by a multiplicity of perspectives, skills, disciplines, experiences
  • Exploration, invention, creativity, in order to ensure our research continues to be usable, impactful, widely circulated, and a thing of beauty

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