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Tajh Taylor

Wikimedia Foundation

Tajh Taylor is a polished and steady technology executive with over 20 years of experience building data-driven systems and leading engineering teams. Presently, Tajh is the Vice President of Data Science and Engineering at the Wikimedia Foundation, the not-for-profit steward of Wikipedia and other wiki projects, where his responsibilities include data engineering, machine learning, search, insights, and research. data. Past experience includes Chief Technology Officer at Catalist, the data utility for the American progessive movement. In every role, Tajh applies the same philosophy: find ways to help each person be a better professional and engineer, and for systems to be more resilient and more useful than they were before. He has overseen transformational efforts to engineer and re-engineer systems that process voter registration and participation data, satellite weather imaging, cancer research data, verify ASIC circuit design, among many other application areas.

In time away from work, Tajh is a husband and father of two vibrant, multilingual children. He enjoys playing piano, taking photographs, and armchair study of cosmology, and has been known to smoke a brisket or picnic shoulder from time to time.

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