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Sarah Stamper


Sarah Stamper is the Chief Research Officer at Murmuration, where she sets the organizational research strategy and leads an interdisciplinary team focused on research and development. A neuroscientist by training, Sarah has spent her career trying to understand complex behavior in lots of critters – from bats and electric fish to students and the American electorate. She is particularly interested in understanding what motivates and drives civic participation in different populations, and how that can be leveraged to contextualize and elevate the importance of educational equity. She joined the civic tech space as the SVP of Science & Innovation at Helm, a subsidiary of Murmuration, where she focused on understanding human civic behavior and equipping organizers with research, data and tools to drive local community-level engagement. Prior to her work at Murmuration and Helm, Sarah served as the Director of Research for Art & Science Group, providing K-12, higher education, and nonprofit groups with data and intelligence so they could better understand the populations they serve. Sarah holds a PhD from Johns Hopkins University in Psychological and Brain Science where she still serves as a Visiting Scientist.

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