Karen Stenner

Insight Analytics

Dr Karen Stenner is a political psychologist and founder of Insight-Analytics (Australia), which uses all the tools of behavioural science to support democracy and tolerance, good governance and sustainability. Formerly an academic (Princeton, Duke), Stenner is author of The Authoritarian Dynamic (2005), which attracted extensive media coverage in the era of Trump (incl. NYT, The Atlantic) by anticipating, a decade ahead, the rise of 'Far Right' politics across liberal democracy. Stenner has perfected the science of shifting mass political behavior by unobtrusively embedding psychological messages in campaigns. She designs and tests (via subtle RCTs) messages of ‘normative reassurance’ that de-activate voters with latent authoritarian predispositions, thereby reducing their expression of racism and intolerance, and support for ‘Far Right’ candidates and causes.

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