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Adaora Udoji

Executive Producer

ADAORA is a leading media innovator, with expertise in digital and emerging tech, future interfaces, spatial computing, video/film, creative development, and production. She works with corporates, investors and creators adopting and scaling emerging technology across sectors. She's an award-winning producer and presenter, having developed VR & AR experiences for Google and others, short films (see her IMBD profile), and been a long time award-winning broadcast journalist-television, radio, and podcasting at CNN, ABC News, and public radio. She is currently the Director at RLab, a New York City center focused on driving the growth of spatial computing, future interfaces, and 3D technology. She is on the board of NEW INC, serves as an advisor for SXSW Pitch, Knight Foundation 360 Challenge, Op'Ed Project, and a mentor at Tribeca Interactive, as well as a former juror for the Tribeca Film Festival Storyscape Prize (Immersive).

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