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VR Action Lab

Social impact uses for emerging media technology

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A collaboration with Google Daydream ImpactScreenwriters Colony, Sensorium WorksInstitute of Play and others, VR Action Lab explored how virtual reality might activate young people as upstanders and address the precipitous drop in efficacy of middle school anti-bullying efforts. The Action Lab united award-winning media makers with young people, university researchers, experts, and middle-school practitioners across four states. It produced three VR experiences embedded in a pilot-tested six-lesson curriculum, along with other resources, like an impact design toolkit for VR media makers and mission-driven organizations and an issue briefing book. Future iterations of the Action Lab will use the same rigorous, multidisciplinary approach to prototype social impact uses for emerging media technology.

The Experiences

Stand Up 
by Mary John Frank
Small actions make a big change in this dance-based rap musical 

No Easy Answers 
by Aleem Hossain
Three satirical scenarios challenge prevailing attitudes on bullying

No Easy Answers is also available in Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish

by Adaora Udoji
Two teens transformed by a trip to a future without bullying

FutureCIRCLES is also available in Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish