Harmony Labs is on a mission to create a world where media systems support democratic culture and healthy, happy people. Over the last decade media systems have evolved to be outrage machines, reproducing and reifying division and difference, in ways that are starting to pose a threat to the conduct of civic life. These civic divides now extend to every issue of import — immigration, racial justice, vaccines, public education, and more — as they play out in the media. Given the magnitude and complexity of these challenges, accomplishing our mission entails more work than any one institution can undertake alone — our work is collaborative by necessity and by design.

That’s why we are incredibly grateful to welcome a new Advisory Board to Harmony Labs. This group of 30+ talented professionals brings a diverse set of skills and experience to our organization, representing philanthropy, academia, advocacy, media, tech, and more. They’re already super-charging our work.

Most urgently, this new Advisory Board will help us shape the future of the Narrative Observatory. These advisors will also serve as ambassadors of our work, helping garner new connections and opportunities, as we look to grow our community and deepen our impact.

We’d like to extend our deepest appreciation to all of our new advisors. They are an indispensable source of input, feedback, and inspiration. As we strive to reform and transform media systems, we look forward to each of them challenging and enriching our work in essential ways. You can learn more about our work and our new Advisors here.

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