A deep-dive into our values-based audiences for narrative and cultural change

We recently hosted a deep-dive into the 4-values based audience at the heart of the Narrative Observatory @ Harmony Labs. Below is an abbreviated recording meant to serve as a foundational resource on these audiences and how they can be useful for narrative and culture change work.

Watch now: Science Director Riki Conrey presents Harmony Labs’ audience architecture.

In this recording, our Harmony Labs Science Director Riki Conrey walks through:

  • Our values-based audience architecture
  • How our audience segmentation incorporates the intersectionality of demography, values, and media consumption
  • A sample of the primary media consumed by each of the four audiences
  • Opportunities that can exist through content creation or storytelling to engage audiences at the edges of your base

You can also find the full recording of our live webinar from July 20, 2022 here, featuring our three panelists: Janay Cody, PhD (resident IF YOU SAY SO); Michael Frias (resident DON’T TREAD ON ME); and Gretchen Barton (resident TOUGH COOKIE). Please comment here or reach out to with any remaining questions you might have.



Coming soon is more new work covering issues like guns, civic information, health equity, reparations and anti-racism, Asian-American identity, and more. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Medium for the latest.

We are looking for new, innovative partners to join the Narrative Observatory. Have an interesting project related to audience, narrative, or story? Looking to supercharge your storytelling efforts for culture change? Let’s talk.

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