Backgrounds in tech, academia, data science, strategy, activism, and media. Passions ranging from medieval sword fighting to meditation, biking to aerial dance to ballet.


Drive, a results orientation, superlative collaboration skills, the capacity to reflect, accept feedback, and dwell in problem definition before generating creative solutions.


Support for your talent, curiosity, and learning built in, with professional development stipends, lunch and learns, speaker series, regular outings and volunteering.


Excellent medical insurance including dental, vision, full family coverage, and pre-tax spending plans, plus a 401(K) plan with a generous match, as needed sick time, and parental leave.


Because we’re committed to delivering the widest possible social benefit. Also because the complex problems we work on require patient capital.


Based in New York City, with a few teammates in other US cities. Even if you don't see an open position that suits your skills, we encourage you to get in touch.